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The pictures on this page are compliments of Brian M. Many thanks Brian for helping me to help others by showing how lack of flashing with siding can cause major leaks and damage to a home.

 This goes to show what happens when a deck is improperly flashed into a house. The side must be flashed properly to prevent leaks.

Albert's Roofing Home

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Typical Deck Installation

Typical deck installation. Looks very nice too. Wonder what doesn't show?

Siding at Door and Deck

Appears to be water coming from the siding.

Lots of Water coming from somewhere

Lot of water visible all along the siding to suggest it's coming from somewhere.


A close-up from behind the siding. It shows a piece of 'L' shaped flashing behind the siding and running below the door. It's on the wrong side of the door flange and there is no door flashing either.

Another Close-up

A better view of the 'L' flashing and how water running beside the door will go behing the flashing. All in all, a poor job. Wonder if there is anything to prevent damage to the house structure?

Floor Joist

Inside the house, Brian found stains on a floor joist.

Floor Band

Discoloration on the band by the joist is another sign of leaking.

More Joists

A bad sign for sure.

Under the Deck

A look under the deck show us that a simple, single 'L' shaped flashing at the deck/wall juncture do little to no good. There is water migration going on here too.

Another Inside View

Just looking at these joist and the amount of water there, you have to wonder what the wall studs are starting to look like.



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