How to Install Ridge Cap and Ridge Vent

 I get lots of questions from DIY'ers and Pro's alike on how to run the cap all the way to the gables ends with a neat uniform look. I took the time one day in cool weather to take pictures while my caps softened. This tutorial can be used to run caps without ridge vent too, so far as the ending is concerned. I'm using pictures to demonstrate how to install ridge vent with in easy to understand format.

 When the ridge vent is stuck on away from the gables, it leaves an 'added on' look and is considered tacky by some. Done this way, it blends well with the roof and gable lines and gives a more complete look.

Shingles are lying in the sun warming before bending. Shingles must be soft to prevent future issues.

Ridge cut stops 12-16" from end. The stopping point depends on rafter locations. You want both ends of the uncut wood to be ailed to the rafters.

End shingle stops close the end of the roof off from the weather. This prevents water or snow from being blown into the house from the ends. After this detail was taken care of, I continued the vent material, Cobra Vent, to the gable end and continued capping to the very end.

Caps always end with the last one about 2-3" from the end. This is done by juggling the last 8-12 pieces for a uniform looking exposure. Then, the reversed one is trimmed so 2 sealer lines are there to catch both sides of the last cap.

Last cover piece before I caulk the nail heads. Only 1 nail needed on either side. The seal strip will do the rest.

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