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  An example of poor metal work on a copper roof. Instead of dressing the seam over to go under the shingles, the joker cut the seam and caulked it.

Ever hear a roofer say he would "nail the shingles in the black"? Here's the end result of those high nailed shingles.   (This pic was donated)

When flashing something, the side flashing MUST pass the corner of whatever you are flashing. Otherwise, you're in for extensive damage and high repair costs.

Here are some jackleg shingle examples.

I love this one. Donated by AMARCO of Kouts, IN. There was probably a slight hump in the roof because of an improperly aligned addition. If the roofer had just added some underlay or shims, there would have been no hump. Instead, he ran a 'water-bucking' hip cap across the center of the roof. Now, a whole section of roof will need to be replaced. He didn't even get it straight either!

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