Richmond, Va. Copper Gutters and Downspouts

On historic homes, I can install Copper Downspouts that reflect the period.  I solder the joints as necessary. Some copper joints are left unsoldered so the downspout can be dis-assembled by the homeowner if necessary to be unclogged.

Copper downspouts and gutters can be turned and contoured easily to follow the curves of the home.   The elbows and miters can be manufactured, as here, or fabricated on the spot as conditions require.

A close up of the copper elbow and soldered seams.

These Copper Gutters are about 8 years old, done in Richmond, Va, These copper gutters are 8-9 years old also.



I seldom take pictures of my new work. I do take lots of pictures or my aged work instead. Why, you ask? Copper turns in color as it ages. Soldered joints also break as it ages, IF DONE IMPROPERLY. I could paint a paper bag and it would look beautiful until the first rain! I have pictures showing my work after 8-10 years and some of my work done almost 20 years ago. How many roofers or carpenters do you know that can say that?

Albert's Roofing/Specialty Slate and Window Flashing Co., Rich., Va.

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