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Richmond, Va. Slate Roof Repair Specialist- Roofing and House Leaks Identified and Repaired

   I take care of roofing leaks, shingles blown off the roof, and other roof repairs. Small jobs are Albert's Specialty, but I will do larger ones sometimes.  I specialize in "Ole Style" Tin, Slate, Copper, and Steel roofing. As a Slate Repair Specialist, I specialize in finding leaks on roofs, new or old. Slate and copper roofs are my specialties. I stay busy as a slate repair person. Properly installed Copper and Slate roofs are sure to last hundreds of years and increase of value of your home. These 'green' roofs have been in Europe for hundreds of years and the homes are often passed down for generation after generation. So can yours. A proper repair will last a lifetime. Copper flashing, copper nails, and correctly bibbing slate will last 40-100+ years. The only real limiting factor is corrosion from acid rain. I can also make temporary repairs to protect your investment until you can make permanent repairs. The correct repair will also add value to your property. It isn't a patch. It restores that portion of your roof to a like new condition.

I built this site to be informative. I have informational tutorials with pictures of roofing techniques. Feel free to browse the links below for instructions on how to make certain repairs, and do other roofing installations.  My G+ Page


Shingle Roofing Leak Repairs, Wind Damaged Roofing, Slate Roofing and Slate Roof Leak Repairs, Snow Guard Installations, Chimney Leaks, Copper Roofing, Copper Bay Windows, Metal Roofing and Repairs, Built-in Gutters,  ( Particularly on Historical Houses such as the ones at Old House Authority ),  Roof Inspections, Estimates, Annual Maintenance of Slate Roofs,  and Window Flashing Repair work. And for other traditional materials, including slate, tile, and nearly anything for historical buildings, visit Caravati's Inc. Architectural Salvage for your needs.  Call Now  There is NO obligation, and NO sales pitch. Feel free to make the call to discuss your needs and whether or not you think we'll click.

Is your roof ready for winter? If you want to protect your gutters and shrubbery, you need snow guards on your roof. Properly installed snow guards can prevent snow and ice damage to your gutters.

  All are services of Albert's Specialty Roofing Co.  AND I offer annual and semi-annual roof maintenance check-ups. No fee unless you call and schedule the visit. Base charge is $250. A very low price for catching problems before they get expensive.   Call Now

 Want a 'free' estimate? No such thing. Most often, it's added into the estimate as overhead. We all do/did it. Albert's Roofing decided to do it up front and openly.  All estimates are $25.00 minimum. Larger projects can cost more. Estimating fees are deducted from first invoice when work is done.  See Below for details.  It has improved my business relationship with all my clients. The cost is applied to any billable work.  Advice is free when we communicate through E-mail.

Feel free to browse the Albert's Roofing pictures and other pictures I've added to the site. They are in the descriptive links I've inserted below. Feel free to ask for more roofing or other pictures by e-mail if necessary. My Roofing pictures are more detail oriented than finished 'showcase' ones that show how the whole house looked when I left. This is because I feel it necessary to show you how the details need to be done. A pretty roof, or siding job with sub-par details may be worse than not having any work done. YOU deserve to KNOW what to look for when investing money in your home.

Photo Galleries, Slate Repair Video. and Other Links

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   Want to know who you're dealing with? I'm not a 'salesman, I'm a roofer and I look like a roofer.  All suited up to work on a steep slate roof which is where I conduct my real business. I talk a bit like a roofer too. I get all tongue tied talking to folks! You'll be glad to know that doesn't affect my performance on your roof.         

 E-Mail:  Albert's Roofing 

Albert's Specialty Roofing offers Roof Inspections for realtors also. Details are in the link.   Estimates vs Inspections            Want to know about prices? See:  Our Base Fees and Charges                            


Roof leaks have serious consequences. They damage the dwelling directly. Indirectly, they create a natural habitat for mold, mildew, fungus, and other health damaging spores. Leaks should be corrected as soon as possible. The monetary damage can escalate exponentially in record time.

Comments and Testimonials:

It is raining pretty heavy today so I checked out the vent pipe holes in our attic. There is no leaking. It is so refreshing to work with someone who has a passion for their work and does a great job...Thank you again!

"I appreciate the insights into our roof-- I wish we had a bigger roof budget to take care of the big things, but it's good to know we are sound at least for a couple more years.  The rest we will take care of along the way.  Also appreciate a working with a contractor who actually returns calls, takes personal ownership in their work, and likes to "do things right."  Seems that is the exception these days."

 "I reside in Long Island, NY & had the pleasure of speaking with Frank regarding water damage caused by bad trim work around my windows on my two year old home & shed. Itís unfortunate that I am having this trouble but itís a relief to know that there are people out there like Frank who care enough to do things right the first time. I truly appreciate his guidance & wish he was local because itís very difficult to find people who care about their craft the way Frank does. Also the website is very informative. Thank you Frank for your help & referrals."

It has rained for several days now and NO Leaks.  We really don't even think about it like we use to when it rained.  This is the first time we have confidence in the work. If we lived in a perfect world we would have found you in the BEGINNING and had a Roof done right the FIRST TIME.  But like they say "better late than never". 
Say hello to your wife for us and again Thank you for a job well done.

I just got an e-mail from the Outer Banks after Hurricane Earl passed through. I had done a repair there some time back.

"Just wanted to say Hi to you and let you know that after Earl passed by Friday we were DRY No leaks. We had gusts up to 80 mph and it rained cats and dogs for 8 or more hours. I can't even express how nice it was not to worry about that corner leaking. Tell your wife Hello ( I know her name but my mind has gone blank) take care and again Thanks for a job well done."

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Privacy Policy. No info is collected here about my visitors, and client info is kept private too. After your contract is completed, and work is paid for, all e-mails are deleted and your address is not released to anyone else. I will keep your e-mail if we do numerous projects together and must correspond.

Roofing in  Richmond, Va., and Central Va. The counties of Chesterfield, Amelia, Dinwiddie, Nottoway, Prince Edward, Henrico, Hanover, and  others.



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